May 10 -

My final assignment in my Fashion Construction Techniques class was to make a skirt with pockets, and a waistband. I was feeling ambitious though and wanted to challenge myself, and make something a little more difficult.

I decided that I was going to recreate the skirt below - the closing garment in the Louis Vuitton SP/2012 Runway show, worn by Kate Moss. The show was done on a carousel, and is so absolutely gorgeous! (if you have 8 minutes, watch it! it’s magical)

The garment was technically tricky to recreate, mainly because of it’s dome shape, but light, airy, and flowy feeling (almost like a jellyfish). 

The fabric that I used was an eggshell stain with a white organza overlay. The construction did get a little tricky though. I really wanted to maintain the feeling of being loose and light, so I did not want the 2 layers to be attached anywhere except at the waist, but yet I had the bottom hem, pockets, and side seams that I had to navigate around. There was a little cursing, but I did manage to get it figured out!

Now, the way that I decided to tackle the shape and feel was to put boning into the bottom hem, and sew a “tutu” that I made into the waistline. That way the garment still had its bounce and lightness, but yet maintained its fullness and shape. 

Now the ostrich feathers…. Just to answer your questions: Yes, all the clusters of 3-8 feathers were individually. And yes, each cluster was stitched onto the organza overlay individually. And yes, it took a LONG time! I’ve been keeping track though, and I’m up to 332 feather clusters, and about 25 hours of working time just in the feathers alone (and I still need to do more in the back)

Overall though, I love it and can’t wait until it’s completely finished! I kind of want to create a collection  solely based off of this skirt alone. What do you think?